5 Play Anywhere Learning Games

For us, especially in the pre-school and elementary ages, homeschooling looked a lot like kids just go everywhere mom goes. These little sponges pick up so much, incorporating lessons and practice into everyday tasks. We even created a catchphrase, singing “Everyday Math!”, any time we had to figure some real life math problem. Bringing kids […]

Writing Fanfiction as a Middle School Curriculum

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] Writing fiction is hard. It’s hard for people who love to write, want to write, and have something they want to write about. I have enough half-formed stories in my head and belong to enough writers’ support groups to know this. If it’s hard for an adult when they have all that going […]

FanFiction Resources

For more about how we’re using fanfiction writing in middle school check out this post. Resources for students and parents ** An Important Note –¬†Fanfiction is extremely popular. If it’s a book, movie, TV show, celebrity, or anything else in pop culture – there’s probably a fanfiction work (fanfic) about it. Writers range from preteen […]

Free Homeschool Planning Pages

I love the idea of planning everything out and being the most organized homeschool mom anyone has ever seen. In theory. Real life… Not so much. We’re definitely more of a go-with-the-flow, have-a-goal-but-flexible-on-getting-there kind of family. While my now 12 year old thrives on structure, any deviation from “the plan” can result in an anxiety […]

Learning Science with Disney Imagineering

We used Disney’s Imagineering DVDs from our library to get ready for our trip. The 11-video series covers a ton of information in a fun, interactive way. It was funny listening to the kids as we went through the park, “Remember when Asa (the DVD host) did that?” The series includes: Energy Fluids Newton’s 3 […]

Intro to Flight – Wright Brothers – Airplanes Unit

                Quick read and illustration about the forces involved in flight and airplane wings –¬†http://www.sciencekidsathome.com/science_topics/flight.html Nova Wright Brothers Video Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine Magic School Bus Takes Flight (found streaming online) A couple of math worksheets to warm up our first full week back at “school” http://www.greatschools.org/worksheets-activities/5363-addition-grid.gs http://www.k12mathworksheets.com/worksheet/subtraction-number-line-airplane/ […]

Cave Unit Study

In preparation for our field trip to The Lost Sea this week we’re studying all about caves! First up was a “what do we know about caves?” brainstorming activity. Brainstorming is not a very popular activity around here for some reason. It seems to go much smoother when we use www.wordle.net and I do the […]