Postcards from the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Postcards from the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Social Studies is one area where we tend to study what comes up instead of following a set curriculum. Today’s lesson on Lewis and Clark was one of those random lessons that turned out pretty well.

We started by watching a Netflix documentary (National Geographic: Lewis & Clark , Great Journey West), pausing to follow the expedition’s journey on our US map and discussing how this journey relates to what they already knew.

After watching the movie the kids created postcards (template here courtesy of as if they were on the expedition writing to someone back home.

postcards from the Lewis & Clark expedition created by 2nd graders postcards from the Lewis & Clark expedition created by 2nd graders

Around the World at Epcot – Cover page and China notebooking printables

Around the World at Epcot – Cover page and China notebooking printables

Guess who’s going to Disney!?!?! Planning a trip to Disney World over the next few months is going to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to tie in the fun of Disney to our school day. And fun school is always a stressless school!

The World Showcase at Epcot provides a perfect link to Social Studies. All those countries just asking to be studied! And map reading skills! How fun does that sound? I’ll be adding new files as I finish them up. We’re starting with China so those are up first!

We’ll be using binders and 3-hole punched pages for our notebooking so that we can add pages as we go (because that’s how I roll). Here’s the layout so far.

Cover page – Around the World at Epcot Cover

Epcot blank map – We’ll be labeling this blank map as we study each country. Hopefully by the time we visit we’ll be experts at navigating even though I’ve never been.

Click images for previews.

Each country represented in Epcot will have its own cover page and tab for easy navigation followed by 4 pages of research/ study guide.

  • Country overview: Color location on world map, draw and color flag, research “vital statistics”, foods, animals and famous people.
  • Language & Fun Facts: Look up & translate 7 common phrases (on and blank lines for independent research.
  • Timeline: Themed page with space for 6 events in the country’s history.
  • Map: Blank country map. Instructions to label key landmarks and identify bordering countries (14 for China!).

Epcot China Cover Page

Epcot China Study Guide 

Epcot France Cover Page

Epcot France Study Guide 

I still need to complete a page for listing the attractions, dining and entertainment in each Epcot country. And I love the idea of collecting souvenirs during our trip (menus, pictures, postcards) to add to our notebooks/ binders.

That’s the basic plan for now (subject to change). What am I forgetting or what would you add?

National Parks Unit Study

National Parks Unit Study

Unit Wide Resources

National Park Service park ranger games & activities
National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A.:
The Most Amazing Sights, Scenes,
and Cool Activities from Coast to Coast!
 (library resource)

National Geographic National Parks website

NPSEducation on Twitter

Lesson plan, graphic organizer & travel brochure planning guide from the US Mint

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea – Video (free for Amazon Prime members); lesson plan & clips from

Individual Park Resources…