Free Homeschool Planning Pages

I love the idea of planning everything out and being the most organized homeschool mom anyone has ever seen. In theory. Real life… Not so much. We’re definitely more of a go-with-the-flow, have-a-goal-but-flexible-on-getting-there kind of family. While my now 12 year old thrives on structure, any deviation from “the plan” can result in an anxiety […]

Learning Science with Disney Imagineering

We used Disney’s Imagineering DVDs from our library to get ready for our trip. The 11-video series covers a ton of information in a fun, interactive way. It was funny listening to the kids as we went through the park, “Remember when Asa (the DVD host) did that?” The series includes: Energy Fluids Newton’s 3 […]

The No-Prep Mexico / Ancient Civilizations Unit Study

Sometimes things just converge together and make planning a week’s worth of school nearly impossible. For me, that’s usually the same week I need the kids occupied so I can concentrate on other work deadlines. Last week was one of those weeks. While searching for something else I came across the Pack-N-Go Girls Mystery series […]

Epcot Notebooking Printables

Around the World at Epcot – Cover page and China notebooking printables

Guess who’s going to Disney!?!?! Planning a trip to Disney World over the next few months is going to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to tie in the fun of Disney to our school day. And fun school is always a stressless school! The World Showcase at Epcot provides a perfect […]

Reptile Week – featuring Wild Kratts!

My kids are HUGE fans of Wild Kratts. I’m pretty sure they have seen every episode, most more than once. When I heard there would be four new episodes all about reptiles this week it seemed perfect for a reptile unit study. I had to work Monday and a bit on Tuesday, a public speaking […]

Intro to Flight – Wright Brothers – Airplanes Unit

                Quick read and illustration about the forces involved in flight and airplane wings –¬† Nova Wright Brothers Video Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine Magic School Bus Takes Flight (found streaming online) A couple of math worksheets to warm up our first full week back at “school” […]

Giraffe mini unit

It’s the beginning of August (in a few more hours) and we’re back from our crazy Florida vacation so it’s time to start getting back to a somewhat regular school-ish schedule. Our local zoo has just completed a new giraffe encounter area and zoo members (us!) can feed a giraffe for free through Sunday so […]

Butterfly Unit Study

Spring is in full bloom here – just ask my allergies – so it is a perfect time to do a unit on butterflies! Our local zoo has a beautiful butterfly garden exhibit that should be open and make a great addition to our unit. Monday Introduction video – The Story of the Butterfly (Amazon […]

Waterfalls Unit Study

After our cave adventure we’ll take the rest of the week (Wednesday – Friday) for a mini-unit on waterfalls (student-requested topic).   How Waterfalls Work from After reading and discussing the article together we’ll read and color this printout (page 1). Victoria Falls A little video of Victoria Falls (Amazon Prime video).¬†Visualizing the scale […]

Cave Unit Study

In preparation for our field trip to The Lost Sea this week we’re studying all about caves! First up was a “what do we know about caves?” brainstorming activity. Brainstorming is not a very popular activity around here for some reason. It seems to go much smoother when we use and I do the […]

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