Need some inspiration for some Leap Year / Leap Day activities? Here are some ideas and printables to start you off…

Introducing Leap Year Concepts:

NASA simple leap year explanation   (Early elementary – Middle grades)  

NASA Leap Year Math Educator Guide – includes links to math worksheet & answer key (Suggested grades 5-8)

ELA Resources from Stressless Homeschool:
Leap Year Changes Worksheet
Leap Year Changes Worksheet

Students draw or write about how they have changed since 2020, what their life is like now, and what they expect for to happen by 2024. Simple worksheet that can be adapted to various ages, skills, etc.

Leap Day Letter
Leap Day Letter

What advice would you give to yourself four years ago? What do you hope your life is like four years from now? Write a letter to your past or future self.

Leap Day Idioms
Leap Day Idioms

Eight common idioms that use the word “leap” in a figurative way. Space for students to write what the idiom means and draw or write what the literal phrase sounds like.

Other Leap Day Resources:

Teachers Pay Teachers – Filter by grade level and / or subject. Sort by price (free worksheets to complete units).

TCEA 5 Classroom Leap Day Activities – Great for getting multiple ages involved in a project.

Looking for books? 12 Titles to Celebrate Leap Year from Literacious will get you off to a good start!

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