Stressless or Stress Less?

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When I decided to start a blog about our homeschooling adventures (or a catch-all for my resources, bookmarks, lesson plans, and crazy ideas) I thought about what I wanted the end goal to look like and all the reasons traditional public school wasn’t working for us. I also thought about the blogs & facebook groups I’ve joined or followed. There I’ve seen the panic and uncertainty that many new – and not-so-new – homeschoolers sometimes have. In the end, I decided I wanted to keep the same kind of low-pressure, low-maintenance, go-with-the-flow attitude that seems to fit our family so well.

So for those who are looking for a laid back journey somewhere between school-at-home and unschooling, enjoy And those of you who are looking for help, guidance, inspiration or just a list of links to get your through the morning, think of us as



  1. Hello, I like the way you homeschool. Do you use a lesson plan for all the kids lessons?
    I would like to homeschool this way. This year has been very stressful for my boys and I.
    How do you gauge what they have learned?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. I have a general idea of the topics to cover but don’t use a “lesson plan” as such. Up to now. We’re entering 5th grade next month so I’ve been gradually introducing a little more structure. I have a high anxiety learner and testing (of any type) brings it out so I go by day by day observations to determine progress. If there’s a concept or skill that’s not mastered we’ll usually move on and cycle back to it – sometime multiple times using multiple approaches – until it’s mastered.

      Thanks for the question. What grades are you teaching?

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