Today was a migraine day & part of our more relaxed “Spring Break” week. Since I didn’t feel up to heading out anywhere fun with the kids today we started out the day with a movie – Despicable Me. That inspired a day’s lesson on the moon. I’m sure we’ll add more to our study of the moon when we start an in depth space unit later (I scored a massive reproducible space workbook at a consignment sale for $3), but here’s what we considered today.

We used these writing prompts for a bit of creative writing –
The “Facts about the Moon” and “Phases of the Moon” went nicely with this free download:

We went on a virtual field trip to the moon using  Google Earth. We use Google Earth a lot when doing geography and the kids love the feeling of walking or controlling a rover on the moon.

We also incorporated the reading, game and quiz at:

This one day obviously isn’t a full unit study but I’ll add more resources here later.

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