Spring is in full bloom here – just ask my allergies – so it is a perfect time to do a unit on butterflies! Our local zoo has a beautiful butterfly garden exhibit that should be open and make a great addition to our unit.


  • Introduction video – The Story of the Butterfly (Amazon Prime). We’ve discussed butterflies and their life cycle before but videos are always welcome for breaking into a subject.
  • Library Trip – We have books due (and we’re out of milk) so we’ll take a quick trip to the library (and grocery) for our books for the week. (See resource list below.)
  • Butterfly Fact Bookmarks (TPT freebie)
  • Making Words from “butterflies” (TPT freebie)



  • Probably our field trip day (weather permitting). We’ll see how many butterfly species we can recognize in the butterfly garden.
  • Butterfly symmetry worksheet (TPT freebie)


  • Monarchs and migration – PBS NOVA special  (Amazon Prime video) & Migration library book
  • Write reports on chosen butterfly (rough draft & final draft on butterfly lined paper. (Mine is from a book of reproducible papers I picked up a consignment sale. Free versions online here and here.)

Extras to fit in / add


Book List (with call number – non-fiction – and link to books on Amazon.com if available):


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