It’s the beginning of August (in a few more hours) and we’re back from our crazy Florida vacation so it’s time to start getting back to a somewhat regular school-ish schedule.

Our local zoo has just completed a new giraffe encounter area and zoo members (us!) can feed a giraffe for free through Sunday so I’m putting together a mini unit for Thursday, zoo visit on Friday, and art project for Monday.

We’ll research some facts about giraffes using this article and these websites:,

We’ll use the websites above and internet searches to research the foldables on pages 8 (Baby Giraffe Facts) and 17 (other giraffe facts) of the lapbook at

A neat video of a baby giraffe standing for the first time –

I love the chit-chat page shared on this blog –

For fun a few giraffe games here –

And a giraffe drawing lesson – free from TPT – Says for kindergarten but I think we’ll enjoy it.

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